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How do you get a concealed carry permit?

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Obtaining a concealed carry permit entails important legal responsibilities and procedures.

Satisfy Eligibility Standards

Wait for the Application Outcome

Essential Steps to Take

Collect Docs & Apply

  • Minimum Required Age
  • Gun Safety Training
  • Cognitive Competence
Core Necessities

What Are the Standards for a CCW Permit?

In most states, applicants need to be 21, complete a recognized firearms safety course, and have no criminal convictions that disqualify them. Some states allow those 18 and up but have extra restrictions on misdemeanors. Additionally, applicants must be legal residents of their applying state.


Completing Your Application

Uninterrupted Flow

When seeking a concealed carry permit, the application will ask for comprehensive personal details, criminal background, and firearms training records.

To avoid holdups or refusals, ensure that all details are correct, and don't overlook the essential application fee, which varies depending on the state and jurisdiction.

What to Expect: Approval and Notification for Your Concealed Carry Permit

Once you've submitted your concealed carry permit application, the approval process typically ranges from several weeks to several months, depending on the procedures and workload of your state. It's important to exercise patience during this waiting period and to abstain from carrying a concealed firearm until you obtain official approval. You'll be notified of the decision through mail or email. Approved applicants will receive their concealed carry permit, detailed instructions, and any additional requirements or restrictions.


Turning Denials into Approvals: Expert Support for Your Concealed Carry Application

If your concealed carry permit application is denied, you'll be given a detailed rationale for the denial and guidance on the appeal process, if applicable. Thoroughly reviewing the denial letter and reaching out to our expert team is essential to grasp your options and determine your next steps. Navigating the concealed carry permit application process can be complex, but you don't have to manage it solo. Our expert team is here to assist you through the approval timeline, notification process, and ensure you meet all legal prerequisites for responsible and legal weapon carry.

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